Sunday, February 5, 2012

Welcome to FIERCE

*sipping my wine* Hey how are ya. Long time, no clink.

So, welcome, welcome... this is FIERCE. What's that? You think it's fantastic? Aw *blush* thanks, it was nothing, really.

Over the next week or so there will be some updates, like adding the video of the 2011 FIERCE Awards, some fresh content, exciting announcements, etc.

For now, sit, have a cocktail, peruse and get to know FIERCE. This is a whole new direction for this community and I'm looking forward to some feedback. Love it? Great. Tell me, I like to have my ego stroked. Hate it? Tell me that too, I'm always looking for motivation to be better.

Questions? There is a page for that.

For now, ponder this. And top up that wine glass, this ain't some shi shi, hoity toity group.

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1 comment:

  1. I am glad that your "someday" is today! I am looking forward to FIERCE taking over America and to reading it in print.

    Thanks again,