Friday, March 16, 2012

You Better Get to Livin!

I love music!

I love it more when I can relate to the lyrics of a song AND I love the beat. Lots of times I'll relate a song to a moment in my life so when I hear that song it brings me back to that moment, good or bad, and it becomes part of my soundtrack.

Reproduction by Grease 2 on Grooveshark

No, I don't walk around expecting sitcom music to play with my every step a la Peter Griffin in Family Guy BUT I do have a collection of songs that I've compiled to celebrate my highs and lows over the past 37 years. Some of it is fluffy soundtrack music like Grease 2 "Reproduction" (don't laugh but when I was 8 years old I totally wanted to be a Pink Lady and not just ANY Pink Lady but Michelle Pfeiffer! I also knew on some level Reproduction was a "naughty" song but I loved it anyway!).

The Crying Game by Boy George on Grooveshark

Other music in my soundtrack tells the story of my first love's crushing breakup with me...OK I was crushed when he told me his mom thought I was a bad influence on him and that it just wouldn't work because he wanted to start college and be focused on school. At that moment of receiving this devastating news, The Crying Game was on the radio. Uhm. I had never seen that movie and had no reference to what the song was really about, all I knew was at THAT moment in my life, the tears wouldn't stop and my heart was shattered. Interesting side note, that ex of mine still works at the same gas station he did since he was 19. Whew, dodged a bullet there.

Sour Times by Portishead on Grooveshark

Fast forward five years to the night I met Big Daddy and the song that was playing when we kissed, and I remember this because I thought to myself that we were only ever going to have one first kiss, was Sour Times by Portishead. Listening to the chorus "Nobody loves me, it's true... not like you do," could very well have been foreshadowing for our entire relationship. No one could have ever put up with me or loved me the way he has, despite all the reasons I've given him not to love me (I'm a feisty one and not easy to live with.)

I could go on and on and on with songs that are on my soundtrack but I want to tell you about my latest find for my soundtrack.

I'm not really a country girl but there are moments in my life - and even songs in my soundtrack - where the music fits. I've always been a Dolly Parton fan and even saw her in concert when I was 9 years old. Recently, I was googling songs to empower women and came across this little gem by my girl Dolly!

Better Get To Livin' by Dolly Parton on Grooveshark
Press play and sing along! It's a totally uplifting, motivational, inspirational and seriously FIERCE song! And while you're listening to it, think about the songs that make up YOUR soundtrack. Share them!! I'd love to know about your soundtrack!

People always coming up to me,
And asking “Dolly what’s your secret?
With all you do your attitude just seems
To be so good how do you keep it?
Well I'm not the Dalai Lama but I'll try
To offer up a few word of advice.

You’d better get to living, givin’
Don’t forget to throw in a little forgiving’
And lovin’ on the way.
You’d better get to knowin', showin'
A little bit more concerned about where you’re going
Just a word unto the wise.
You’d better get to livin’.

A girlfriend came to my house
Started cryin’ on my shoulder Sunday evening
She’s she was spinnin’ such a sad tale I couldn’t believe
The yarn that she was weaving’
So negative the words she had to say.
I said “If I had a violin I’d play”

I said you’d better get to living, given
Be willing and forgivin’
'Cuz all healin’ has to start with you.
You Better stop wining, pining,
Get your dreams in line and just
Shine, design, refine until they come true.
And you’d better get to living

Your life’s a wreck your house is a mess,
And your wardrobe is way outdated,
All your plans just keep on falling through,
Overweight and underpaid,
I'm no guru but I tell you this I know is true

You’d better get to living, givin’
A little more thought about bein' a little more willing,
To make a better way
Don’t sweat the small stuff, keep your chin up,
Just hang tough, and if it gets too rough,
Fall on your knees and pray, and do that everyday
Then you’ll get to livin’

The day were born we start to die,
So don’t waste one minute of this life
Get to livin!
Share your dreams and share your laughter and make some points.
For the great hereafter. 

Better start caring,
Better start sharing
Better start tryin’,
Better start smilin’
And you better get to livin’.

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