Friday, May 4, 2012

12 Days of FIERCE Moms #5: Get her a signature cocktail

OK this... this has GOT to be one of my most favourite gift ideas for the woman who has EVERYTHING! You know... the hard-to-shop-for friend in your life who is just too damn difficult to please EVEN though you took her to a screening of a stupid Robert Pattinson movie despite your personal disgust with the Twilight movies?


That girl.

Mother's Day gifts are freakin tough to find, especially something with MEANING that is creative, unique and TOTALLY all about her.

So let me share this tidbit of awesomeness! For Big Daddy's birthday last week, I commissioned THE Cocktail Deeva (if you don't know her, you SHOULD!) to design a drink for my main squeeze.

Big Daddy
She asked what he liked to drink (beer, of course), asked what cocktails he enjoyed and came up with the Beer Daddy Collins

Light Beer (I used Sol)
Lime Vodka
Squeeze of lemon juice
Splash of Grenadine


I served this drink to my handsome hubby and felt preeeeeeeetty damn clever about coming up with such a cool gift idea.

So my fellow FIERCE women, send the Cocktail Deeva a tweet, email or Facebook message, commission her to design a cocktail for the FIERCE Mom in YOUR life, her fee is between $50-75 (she's totally worth it!!), serve the signature drink with the recipe in a card with "Designed by the Cocktail Deeva especially for YOU!" and look like a freakin' HERO!

OK. Maybe not quite THAT dramatic. But you get what I mean. Oh. and while you're at it, support Dee in her mission to raise money to save the boobies!

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  1. Girl...I am giving you the biggest sloppiest kiss....thank you for the Pimpin...I am so glad Big Daddy Loved it!!! CHEERS