Monday, May 7, 2012

12 Days of FIERCE Moms #8: Give the gift of practical couture

When I was young and "supercool"  I used to think Yoga was for crunchy granola types who couldn't play a real sport.

Yes. I admit it. I was arrogant (surprise, right?!) and uninformed when it came to Yoga but I have since come to realize the skill and athletic ability it takes to practice all of those funky poses not to mention the breathing and the mind shift it gives you.

Sign up for a Yoga class and head to Keylime Athletic Wear and pick up these five must-have pieces to kick your Yoga into practical couture!

Xenos Tank Top
I love the cowl neck on this tank, giving it a look you can wear after the gym if you don't have time to change. It's a much looser piece than typical Yoga wear which is nice because your rolly bits aren't so accentuated! There is a hi-visibility stripe down the back which makes it a great running tank, too. $52

Bamboo Hoodie
This Bamboo Long-sleeved Hoodie is ideal for the days when you just want to get your Yoga on without any fuss. Bamboo is a fantastic fabric that breathes so beautifully and keeps you cool event when you're sweating. It's lightweight and the detail of the stitching in the front gives you an elongated look. $78

Titanium Jacket
Every athlete (beginner or extreme) needs a good quality jacket for training outdoors or just wearing to and from the gym. What I love about this jacket is that it is sexy! The jersey sleeves peek out of the cuffs for a flirty, playful look and the mesh inside gives is a breathable, practical quality, not to mention the reflective striping along the zipper. $110

 Bamboo Pocket Pants

This is one of Keylime's best sellers and it's easy to see why. They flatter every shape, feel luxurious because they're made of bamboo material, and have a drawstring waistband. Workout in them or just go for coffee with your friends. Casual sexy! $118

 You know what I hate about Yoga? Worrying whether or not I'm gonna tumble while doing the Downward dog (wow, that sounds so much worse when I say it :D). Anyhoo, Keylime has a Zero Slip Yoga Towel to solve THAT little problem. The Zeroslip yoga towel eliminates slipping so you can focus on your practice instead of worrying about sliding around on your yoga mat. Its backing consists of a fine layer of eco-friendly resin designed to keep the towel firmly in place. $50


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  1. Oh! My mom gifted me 3 work out leggings from this brand on my birthday this year. Her motive is to make me thin and workout. I don’t think I am that healthy but she thinks I am growing like a ginger. I will work out whenever I feel I am becoming fat. I like those leggings though. I even liked these shared here.