Monday, May 7, 2012

12 Days of FIERCE Moms #7: Four Things EVERY Mom could use

by Maisie Knowles, co-founder of

1. A Day Off
If you're single, married with no kids, or a full-time working husband, you may be blissfully unaware that being a mom is a 24/7 job. There are no such things as sick days and, even in the middle of the night, a mom is "on-call." We're summoned by our children regardless of time of day, or whether we're trying to use the toilet in peace. A 24-hour period where we're allowed to sleep in, recharge our batteries, and generally not have to be a mom would be absolute heaven!

2. Pampering
There's nothing better than going for an extended massage or pedicure after a long day of being with the kids. We mostly enjoy the peace and quiet, but it's really nice to have someone else take care of us for just an hour or two. **FIERCE Tip: NVEInstitue in Edmonton has a wonderful array of services to choose from including a Digital Detox, Festival of Joy or even the Euro Cocooning. Of course, you could always enter to win the Empower Me Package!

3. A Shopping Spree for Me
We don't want the company of our loving husbands or adorable children for our shopping spree. Just give us some gift cards to our favorite stores and send us out the door. And we don't want to shop for our kids, we want to shop for OURSELVES, since our bodies completely changed after having those cute little kids and nothing really fits quite right anymore. *FIERCE Tip: Get her a gift card from Keylime Athletic Wear in Sherwood Park! Getting in shape can be fashionable too! PLUS Keylime has a new location opening in City Centre Mall!

4. A Clean Car
Yes, we know this is a strange request, but the minivan is a mess. There are Cheerios and Goldfish crackers that have been stuck in unreachable places for years. We just want to "de-kidify" our cars for a little bit. Better yet, remember that shopping spree? How about a fun, clean rental car for us to drive around while we're shopping! *FIERCE Tip: Tamara has tested a few of the Ford vehicles and is a real fan of the 2012 Ford Explorer in all it's luxurious glory! But if you want something zippier try renting the 2012 Ford Focus.

If this seems a little much, we'd be happy to switch lives with you for one day; But only one day because even though being a mom is the one of the hardest jobs in the world, we do love every sticky, smiley, cranky, stinky inch of our children and can't bear being away from them for too long!

Maisie Knowles is a working mother of two with three-year's experience writing on parenting and partner issues. She received a B.A. in Communications from the University of Colorado and co-founded with her husband. Maisie currently spends most of her time at home with her two young girls.

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